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Contact: Mark Chang
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Dispensing machine


“Compact soldering robot,TSM410G series enable you to instantly automate soldering works. Choose this easy-to-install model from cellular to in-line manufacturing and more else. This established soldering platform can provide high reliability to your smart automation. Tensan support our clients’ soldering automation for many years with a proven track record. This model is the best choice for customers, who want to replace from hand soldering to automated soldering.
This compact soldering robot will satisfy you with quality, ease of maintenance and high cost performance.”

  • Compact type

    Working area: 200mm×210mm   

    Super-rigid and dust-proof construction 

    X & Y axes: 5-500mm/sec

    Z axis: 2.5-250mm/sec

    R axis: 6-600°/sec  

    Built-in a dedicated program for soldering 

    The compact type TSM-412G,

    best-selling robotic series in numerous industries

    for years. Anyone can quickly start and instantly

    install for soldering automation. 

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