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Know and Understand All About Thermal Pad

Offering you the ultra soft thermal pad, it features very good thermal properties along with great elasticity and elongation. These are pre-cured thermally conductive elastomeric pads which are easy to apply. Due to their thickness, these are low in thermal resistance of Kcm^2/W: 1.0 – 3.0. They are self-adhesive on one side to make the installation easier. 

igh pressure clamping to achieve reasonable thermal, the thermal sealant as the interface material between MOSFETs, inductor coils, circuit boards and the water block cold plates are very efficient. The thermal sealant consists of about 95% Aluminum oxide (Al2O3) and 5% Silicone resin. The thermal conductivity is 3,5 W/mK and operating temperature from -55°C up to 200°C.


The thermal resistance is relatively steady so that tells us that it will perform well through the wide range of applied pressure. When applying the first adhesive, you must make sure that you remove the protective foil from the both sides before putting it into place. The thermal sealant is very soft, therefore it is easily cut to the desired dimensions.


Thermal pads are a lot easier to install than thermal grease. You have to replace the pad if you ever remove the heatsink from its mounted position in order to install them because the heat of the operating CPU will have caused the pad to conform the top. Now, when the heatsink will be moved there will be new gaps between the surfaces. So never forget dismount the heatsink, replace the pad and remove all debris.


The thermal sealant and pad should cover the whole surface and usually it helps if the pad is a bit bigger than the surface. Tensan offer you the best quality thermal pad for all our clients. We aim to provide the professional service in every means, thus, we are regarded as the trust worthy company like tensan.


Thermal Pad

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