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Tensan Thermal Conductive Sealant: Heat Transfer Compound

Tensan thermally conductive adhesives are offered in a varied range for technology applications in the market. Adhesives with thermal conductivity are used to dissipate heat from power electronics quite often. These are two-part and single-part epoxy systems, designed for all applications where heat transfer is essential. The technology offer heat-sinking and ceramic packaging.


The thermal conductive sealant or adhesives are synthetic resins augmented with metallic or inorganic filler materials. Used to bond heat sinks, their heat conductivity reduces thermal strain to prevent performance failure or loss of electronic components. The best thermal conduction coefficients can be achieved with the use of metallic fillers such as silver or graphite. These are electrically conductive but undesirable in many applications though.TS5505 is good thermal sealant.


Thermal conductive adhesive is designed to conform to surface irregularities, eliminate air gaps and improve heat flow. This includes materials like grease, compounds, pads, gels, phase change materials (PCMs), metallic solders and tapes. Using various technologies, the heat energy is passed through a solid, liquid or gas from molecule to molecule in a material.


AOK Thermal Conductive Sealant


Thermal conductive materials use a combination of materials that reduce the flow of heat between objects. These thermally conductive adhesives have the advantage of securing components for dissipating thermal energy. The high temperature foam backings help improve heater efficiency by reducing heat loss. Many industries benefit from the use of thermal insulation in their equipment and processes as well.


Thermaly conductive sealant is a category of TIM (Thermal Interface Materials) which provides combination of low thermal resistance and high bond strength. Adhesive with thermal conductivity is used for bonding heat sinks in the electronics industry. To achieve thermal conductivity and electrical isolation at the same time, adhesives are supplemented with ceramic or mineral-based fillers must be used.


The technology is developing massively, thus, we are deliberately putting emphasis on mechanical strength and thermal management capability.

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