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Tensan Greases and oil compounds

Silicone greases start with a base oil of silicone fluid, to which are added various additives and fillers (metal soap, etc.). Silicone greases exhibit thermal oxidation stability over a wide temperature range, offer good moisture-resistance, and are used primarily for lubrication.
Silicone oil compounds are products with a grease-like consistency. They are produced by blending materials such as silica powder into a base oil of silicone fluid. They exhibit thermal oxidation stability over a wide temperature range and have outstanding electrical properties and water repellency. Silicone oil compounds are used primarily in electrical insulators and seals, and for heat dissipation and water repellency. 
Heat and cold resistance
Because the silicone fluid base oil has good resistance to heat and cold, the drop point is high, there is little oil separation, and volatile content is low. 

Moisture resistance
These products have good resistance to water and moisture. Silicone greases can be left underwater for long periods; the surface will turn white, but there is almost no internal change. 

The silicone fluid base oil is chemically inactive, so these products pose almost no risk to humans and animals. 

Excellent performance even when used in small amounts.

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