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Where To Find The Best Thermal Insulating Sheet? TENSAN

We, at TENSAN technology, offer you excellent compressive thermal insulating sheet. These are designed with exceptional strength, moisture resistance and thermal protection when used under concrete slabs. Made from environmentally sound expanded polystyrene, the sheets we offer protect a building from heat loss through the concrete slab. Therefore, the floors of the building stays warm, dry, healthy home that costs less to control heat and cool. 
A lightweight board is quick and easy to install under concrete slabs. We offer you a varied range of thermal insulation sheets which are ideal for both the uses in residential applications when a cost effective solution that will meet Building Code is required. For a premium concrete floor insulation where high R-values are required, you can choose an extruded polystyrene product with extremely high compressive strength. 

Ideally suited for residential applications as thermal insulating materials are cost effective. These are easy to install with insulation solutions that achieve R-values above building regulations. A building insulated with polystyrene beneath the slab is a more comfortable and healthy living environment. Up to 10% of a building’s heat is lost through the concrete slab, therefore, using thermal insulating sheet is the best option to go for. Since it is a lightweight polystyrene board that does not compromise on insulation performance, thus, it delivers the best balance to your building.


Thermal performance, water resistance and compressive strength of the sheet last for the life of the building. We provide you the expanded polystyrene insulation does not decay or rot, won’t support a fire and has no nutritional value to termites or rodents.


Along with the trend, devices are getting smaller, more complex and powerful, therefore, we offer you thermal management materials which is easy to cut and comes in a range of sizes, making the installation process efficient. 

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