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Why We Choose Thermal Insulating Sheet?

Insulating sheets are flexible heat insulating sheets composed of proprietary silica aerogel and fiber. The thermal properties of insulating materials are usually known or can be measured accurately. This has a lower thermal conductivity than air which provides high heat insulation. Thermal insulating sheets offer countermeasures against heat when combined with other thermal management products.

At roughly 1/10th of the thickness of standard insulation materials, thermal insulating sheet has the performance specs. The sheet is thin enough to add in to small package devices with high power requirements and the thickness ranges from 100um to 1000um. Wrapped in polyester tape, thermal insulating sheet adds flexibility to an engineers’ toolkit.

 Thermally Insulating Sheet

Thermal Insulating sheets are well known for high dielectric strength, flexibility, mechanical toughness and resilience. Suitable for wearable devices, smartphones and many other small electronic devices, the flexibility of the insulation sheet allows them to bent and used in narrow spaces. These materials can work together to create staggering results in both heat reduction and heat isolation at the same time. With a thermal conductivity rating of 0.015 W/mK whereas the thermal conductivity rating can go down to as low as .014 W/mK. 

The insulation sheets are made by fibers and mineral materials with high mechanical strength with good insulation property. There are various types of insulating materials that offer specific thermal conductivity values that can be used to measure their insulating effectiveness. Tensan have different pads for thermal slution .It has flame retardant, high chemical and solvent resistant properties. Thermal Insulation sheets are widely used in the majority of electrical equipment applications. They are tested for their strength and durability during manufacturing process for better applications. Availed in various sizes and thickness, this has excellent resistance quality to heat. 

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