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Best Thermal Pastes 2018 | Reduce CPU/GPU Temperature by 10º C (TENSAN)

Though, the new processors as well as the graphics cards incorporate cooling features like heat sink etc. to handle the excessive heating issues. But, you need to understand even the minor inefficiency will reduce the system performance by a huge factor.

To efficiently dissipate the heat from the CPU or GPU, the heat must be conducted better between the processor and the cooling system. There comes the role of thermal paste which is sometimes referred as heat sink paste, heat sink compound, thermal compound, thermal gel, or CPU grease.

What is Thermal Paste? 

Even after using the best heat sink, the temperature of your processor can hit high. Fortunately, It can brought down by eliminating any of the space (even microscopic gaps) between the cpu and the heat sink/cooling system. These gaps do not let the heat transfer from the source to the sink.

Thermal Paste is a type of thermally conductive compound that acts as a interface between heat source and the cooling system and transfers the heat efficiently by filling any of the microscopic gaps in between. 

We hope you have now understood that by using a good quality thermal paste you can actually reduce the cpu/gpu temperature further! And c’mon who wouldn’t better performance while playing DOTA, right?

So, here is the list of the best thermal pastes available in 2018 that we have researched and reviewed in detail further. 
Remember, CPU and Graphics Processor are two different components and they have different reason for heating. Therefore, the solution for the two also differ from each other. Though, there are some thermal compounds that you can use on both. So, we have found for you the best thermal pastes as per their recommended their application. 

Started in 2001, Arctic is the leading manufacturer of cooling systems as wells as thermal compounds. Arctic MX-4 is one such top of the line thermal paste which is made up micro-particles of carbon.

These carbon particles increase the thermal conductivity of the paste making it more efficient. It’s conductivity is rated at 8.5W/mK which is exceptionally higher.

Also, there is no metal compound in Arctic MX4 that means it is electrically non-conductive. Therefore, you can also use it freely with your graphics card as well without worrying about shorting.

Arctic MX4 thermal paste is very easy to apply, thanks to the ideal consistency and the syringe shaped applicator. Also, It is exceptionally durable lasting at 8 years as claimed by the manufacturer.

Although the Arctic MX-4 definitely a great thermal compound for gaming computers, but it is priced at higher range which might not attract everyone. One of the most popular thermal paste is the TS11102. If you’re looking for a good thermal paste for CPU in an affordable price, than Noctua NT-H1 is best for you.

The thermal conductivity rating for this thermal paste is 8.8W/mK which better than most of the thermal compounds on our list. This thermal paste is hybrid of different micro-particles that ensures minimum thermal resistance.

Talking with personal experience, this thermal paste can keep your CPU up to 10° cooler.

TS1102 is slightly drier and thicker but it is equally easy to apply. All you need to do is just put a pea-size compound on the processor then just place the heat sink gently over it and done.

The reason of Noctua’s popularity is performance combined with incredible lifespan. It can give you peak performance for upto 3 year without the need for a change.

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