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Thermal grease Instructions for use

Thermal grease Instructions for use

Test Methods of thermal grease for lighting:1.use LED substrate with the same power and same area.

2.applying thermal grease evenly in the back.

3.Install the radiator

4.After turning on the lights for 30 minutes,first using the probe to select three points to measure the surface temperature of the lamp beads.And then use the probe in the rear of the radiator, select the three points, with the probe to test the temperature, were recorded.30 minutes the same test once, continuous measurement three times.

5.After the above test data is weighted average, calculate the temperature difference between the ends of each lamp.

6.Conclusion: The smaller the temperature difference, the better the thermal effect!

Attention:The testing environment temperature and the thickness of the thermal grease should be the same in different time.Test data should be the temperature rise to the satble temperature when the test value shall prevail.


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