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LED silicone

Bonding sealant for LED

● Single component, easy to use.

White paste, silicone with high flame retardant grade.

●Fast curing, short tack free time, good quality when deeply curing , suitable for assembly line production.

Excellent adhesion ability on the glass, ceramics, metal, rubber, plastic and so on.

  • Bonding sealant for lamp



    TS6603 is a kind of paste compound single packaged with aluminum or plastic can combine with moisture in the air causing crosslinking at room temperature ,and vulcanizing into a high quality elastomer,it is a select silicone for metallic and nonmetallic materials.The silicone can bond well with metal, glass, ceramics, plastic and a lot of other materials.and it will not cause pollution to surrounding environment.After curing,the silicone can give full play to the excellent electrical features of organosilicon has the ability to resist tensile, vibration and shock in a wide temperature range (-60 ~ 200 ℃),and it has excellent weather resistance, heat resistance, cold resistance, hydrophobicity  with excellent flame retardant effect, which up to UL 94V-0.



    ● Single component, easy to use.

    White paste, silicone with high flame retardant grade.

    ●Fast curing, short tack free time, good quality when deeply curing , suitable for assembly line production.

    Excellent adhesion ability on the glass, ceramics, metal, rubber, plastic and so on.

    ●Extremely high tearing strength

    ●Elastic rubber: resistant to mechanical shock and extreme temperature impact.

    wide temperature range,which can maintain good mechanical function within 60~200℃

    ●Excellent weather resistance.which can resist the bad effects from UV, ozone, moisture, acid, alkali,and with good aging resistance.



    Apply tor the bonding of LED wall washer, underwater lights, lawn light,spotlights, fence light,point light, bulb light, and T8 tube .


    Technical performance

    before curing










    Tack- free timemin


    Finger touch


    Curing time (min




    Specific Gravityg/cm3





    after curing






    Hardness(shore A)




    tensile strengthMpa)≥




    Fracture extension length(%)




    Volume resisitivity(Ω.cm3)




    Break voltageKV/mm




    Shear strength(Mpa)








    Fire retardancy

    Up to level V-0


    Notes:All of the above data were measured after curing at gelatinization at 25°C and 55% RH for 7 days.



    1.Substrate preparation

    All surfaces must be clean and dry, degreased and washed off all contaminants that may affect the bonding abilitySuitable cleaning solvents include isopropanol, acetone and methyl ethyl ketonemany substrates, such as glass, metal and the vast majority of engineering plastics can be bonded without primer, but materials that are usually poorly bonded, such as PTFE, polyethylene, polypropylene, and other similar material should do primer treatment.If you want to achieve the best bonding effect, it is recommended to use adhesive accelerator, after solvent cleaning, using dip coating, brushing or spraying method to coated with a thin layer of adhesion promoter, so that the relative humidity of the accelerator is equal to or greater than 50% when dry for 15 to 90 minutes at room temperature.

    In order to get better bonding effect,  related primer products fromTensan CO.,LTD can be used to get the best way of the bonding effect.

    (1)Wash the surface with a solvent similar to isopropyl alcohol or use sandpaper or burlap and other abrasive material to make the surface rough.

    (2)A thin layer of primer is attached to the surface of the substrate by spraying, brushing or dipping.

    (3)The primer was allowed to dry for at least 1 hour at 50% relative humidity.

    (4)The substrate surface of silicone rubber don’t need primer, but still need to use sandpaper and acetone to clean and rough substrate surface.

    2.operation method

    After applying a compound on a treated surface, glue another piece of substrate which is to be bonded instantly.If the coated material is exposed to moisture in the air ,there will be crust occurred, any processing should be completed in this layer before the formation of crust. the glue can be easily scraping by using a scraper.The adhesive and the sealant can reach dry state in 20-30 minutes.When the surface bonding,only need to glue evenly coated on one of the surface,and then fit the other surface.When fitting, use appropriate pressure to remove the air from the colloidal surface, about 0.5mm thickness can get the best bonding effect.The bonded device can not be moved until the colloid is fully cured.Some packaged products can be extruded directly from the packaging tube.basing on the need, cutting the attached plastic tip to the required size, it can be used after installed on the packaging nozzle.cover the sealing cap to prevent the remaining colloid in the tube from curing immediately after using it for the convenience of the next time.

    (1)Colloid curing after contact with the moisture in the air , the colloidal surface crust within a certain period of time.All operations should be done before the colloidal surface crusts.

    (2)The colloid is curing from the surface to the inside, The depth of 24 hours’ colloid curing is 2-5mm in the condition of 25 ℃ and 50% relative humidity.the deeper part,especially where it is not easy to contact with moisture, takes longer to cure completely.When the humidity is low, the curing time will be extended accordingly.When using or packaging bonded parts, it is advisable for the user to wait long enough to ensure that the bond is partially cured, which is related to many factors, depending on specific circumstances.

    (3)If the two materials which are going to be bonded are not seepage(eg:Both materials are metal),The cure time depends on the thickness of the gel and the size of the bonding area between the two sticky materials.In order to get the best bonding effect, the combined area should not exceed 25mm.



    The sealant releases small amounts of small molecules during curing, and some species may corrode some metal parts or substrates, especially in direct contact with the material or in a closed environment where the byproducts that can not be cured are released when curing.

    Preventive treatment

    This instruction does not contain the  information of product safety required for safe use.please  read the product specifications, safety data of the product and the bad influence on body health on the packaging label before using the product.the safety data of the product can get from local sales representative in Tensan CO.,LTD.

    Storage and validity

    The shelf life is 6 months started from the production date under 25℃ when unopened.Because the curing,of sealant is due to the reaction with the water in the air,so it must be firmly sealed when it is not in use.The top of the container may form a plug consisting of waste during storage.this plug is easy to remove,and does not affect the quality of the remaining material.

    Packing specifications

    1.Soft aluminum tube 45g/tube ,200tube/box

    2.Soft aluminum tube 100g/tube ,100tube/box

    3.Hard plastic tube,300ml/tube,24tube/box

    4.Hard plastic tube,2.6l/tube,4 tube/box

    5.If there is any other packing need,please contact with Tensan CO.,LTD



    It is usually harmless for the products of our company to be used under specified safety measures, but some skin allergies may be affected. Uncured material can not be in contact with food or food utensils, even with certain FDA-compliant products. Meanwhile, measures should also be taken to prevent uncured material from contacting skin. Generally impermeable rubber or plastic gloves are necessary as well as protective glasses. At the end of each job, thoroughly clean the skin with soap and warm water to avoid the use of solvents. You can use a disposable paper towel to dry the skin, do not use a towel. The workplace should be kept well ventilated. For more information on these safety precautions, please refer to the product brochure of our company. These instructions are available upon request.

    All the advice on the r products use, whether provided by us in writing, oral or from the results of our tests, is based on our current level of knowledge. In spite of these recommendations, the buyer is still responsible for satisfying the requirements of the products that make our products suitable for their intended process or purpose. We can not take responsibility, because we can not control the application and use of the product. The Buyer shall ensure that the intended use of the product does not infringe the intellectual property rights of third parties. The parameters provided by this information may vary depending on the conditions and actual items. We guarantee that our products are consistent with the samples we provide and confirmed by our customers.




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