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LED silicone

TS6603 Bonding silicone for LED

Packing specifications

1.Soft aluminum tube 45g/tube ,200tube/box

2.Soft aluminum tube 100g/tube ,100tube/box

3.Hard plastic tube,300ml/tube,24tube/box

4.Hard plastic tube,2.6l/tube,4 tube/box
5.If there is any other packing need,please contact with Tensan CO.,LTD

  • Description

    TS6603 is a kind of paste compound single packaged with aluminum or plastic can combine with moisture in the air causing crosslinking at room temperature ,and vulcanizing into a high quality elastomer,it is a select silicone for metallic and nonmetallic materials.The silicone can bond well with metal, glass, ceramics, plastic and a lot of other materials.and it will not cause pollution to surrounding environment.After curing,the silicone can give full play to the excellent electrical features of organosilicon has the ability to resist tensile, vibration and shock in a wide temperature range (-60 ~ 200 ℃),and it has excellent weather resistance, heat resistance, cold resistance, hydrophobicity  with excellent flame retardant effect, which up to UL 94V-0.


     Single component, easy to use.

     White paste, silicone with high flame retardant grade.

    ●Fast curing, short tack free time, good quality when deeply curing , suitable for assembly line production.

    Excellent adhesion ability on the glass, ceramics, metal, rubber, plastic and so on.

    ●Extremely high tearing strength

    ●Elastic rubber: resistant to mechanical shock and extreme temperature impact.

    wide temperature range,which can maintain good mechanical function within -60~200℃

    ●Excellent weather resistance.which can resist the bad effects from UV, ozone, moisture, acid, alkali,and with good aging resistance.

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