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Electronic thermal plastic

Simply speaking, TENSAN electronic thermal silica gel is another kind of silicone elastomer formed by adding a thermal conductive substance into silicone rubber. Electronic thermal conductivity silicone includes electronic thermal conductivity silicone encapsulation, electronic thermal conductivity silicone adhesive, and electronic thermal grease/silica gel. These electronic thermal silicas generally have the following properties:
First, with excellent electrical performance, including insulation, pressure, anti-electromagnetic interference, dielectric loss and other small.
Electronic thermal silica gel can play a very good protective role for electronic and electrical products by adding some modified additives. In particular, it is able to withstand relatively large breakdown voltages (or relatively high dielectric strength values), at the same time, functions such as anti-climbing, anti-corona, and anti-electromagnetic interference, which are the performance attributes of electronic components.
Second, it has excellent physical properties.
High physical performance is the development trend of electronic thermal conductivity silicone, and some electronic components require electronic thermal conductivity silicone to have anti-vibration, absorbing buffer and noise effects, and can be applied to some extreme conditions of use.
Third, with efficient thermodynamic properties, especially thermal conductivity.
Because the electronic thermal silica has good leveling, elasticity, and compressibility, soft and hard adjustment may be performed, so that the thermal radiation structure can be attached to the thermal conductive passage, the contact area between the heating element and the radiator can be increased, and the radiator can be increased. Heat dissipation can increase the service life of electronic components.
Fourth, suitable for universal sizing process
In the research and development process, the electronic thermal conductivity silicone should have a universally applicable purpose, that is to say, the type of application product should be universal; at the same time, from the perspective of the customer, the operation process should be simple and straightforward. This requires it to have a suitable state, viscosity, extrudability, leveling, and the like. Can cooperate with manual or mechanized operation.

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