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Know About Thermal compound

Thermal compound is a material in low viscosity anci composed of double components with excellent fluidity and stability. It could be consolidated in room temperature or by heating. It has a character in speedy consolidation through rising temperature, with no extra by-product occur during the consolidation process. Thermal Compound is in elastomer character after consolidation procedure, with excellent anti-thixotropy between the cold and hot condition, also in remarkable aging endurance performance.


Thermal Conductive Sealant is in widely application on the surface of PC, ABS, PP, PVC with metal materials, also suitable for the requirement of good thermal conductivity, highly electrical isolation, anti-water and flame retardant characteristics for led display, power module and miscellaneous electronic devices, which also is qualified with EU ROHS Directive. Thermal Conductive Sealant also has good electrical isolation, anti-moisture, non-contraction with remarkable stability. 
Tensan have different  conductive from 0.6-1.0w/m.k

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