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The Four Functions of Silicone Sealant in Automobile Industry

What role does silicone sealant play in the automobile? Nowadays, silicone sealant works important in shock absorption, sound insulation, moisture resistance and dust prevention in the automobile field. Then Shenzhen Tensan will talk about the four functions of the silicone sealant in the automobile field.  

The silicone sealant helps to reduce shock absorption in the car. If the elasticity of the car is not good, then during the operation process, it will not only affect the comfort of the car, but also lead to fast speed of car aging,as a result, the service life of the car is affected. The application of sealant to automobiles can effectively improve the elasticity of automobiles and extend the life of automobiles. 

Another function of the silicone sealant is sound insulation in the car. Compared with metal materials, the density of automobile sealants is small, but the physical molecules are large, and the molecular density is small after the glue is cured. Based on this characteristic, the sealant has a good sound insulation effect. If the car‘s sound insulation is poor, engine sound and external noise will be passed into the car. The use of sealant in the car can effectively isolate various noises from the engine and the outside world, and improve the comfort of car users.

Silicone sealant prevents moisture in automobiles. In summer and autumn, the air humidity is relatively large, if the car is not dense enough, then the moisture will enter the car along the gap of the car. The use of sealant on doors, glass windows, etc. can improve the overall sealing performance of the car and prevent moisture from entering the car.

The last function is dustproof in the car. If the car is not dense enough, dust will enter the car along the gap of the car. The sealant has good compaction performance and can improve the overall compactness of the car. And the plasticity of the sealant is very good, so that the sealant can be applied to glass windows, car doors and other parts.

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