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Thermal silicone Pad Applied on LED lighting and power supplies

Thermal silicone Pad Applied  on LED lighting and  power supplies

Thermal silicone pad

Thermal silicone gel gasket for aluminum substrate shell; thermal silicone pad is the role of the work of the aluminum plate heat to the bottom of the LED lights on the shell. First, the thermal silicone gasket in the high-power LED, backlight and other professional use of the main assembly of the following aspects:

 1. Large area demand thermal conductivity, large area, the use of thermal conductivity thermal grease (or thermal paste) is not easy to change.

 2. Long strip area of ​​heat dissipation. Such as: length 400 * width 4mm such a scale using thermal grease (or thermal paste) easy to change to the product outside. (Such as fluorescent lamps, panel lights; without screws, direct use of strong viscous thermal double-sided tape, bonding fixed aluminum plate and heat sink)

3. Rugged, the use of can not fill the heat, it is also about the use of thermal conductivity of silicone film to heat.

4. Small-scale demand for heat, it is also about the use of thermal silica gel film to heat.

5. Product cost of the demand is not strict or the need for convenient operation, thermal silicone film is the preferred information. Second, the use of power products The use of power products in addition to the IC also used in the following components: such as, PFC inductors, transformers, capacitors, electronic components because of the above high temperature and the appearance is round ( Not a plane), and therefore must use solid-state thermal information (during which the thermal silica gel gasket is a very good thermal information between them). Shenzhen Tensan Industrial Co., Ltd. is a prestige of the production of electronic information company, for more products information , please contact +86-0755-23778007, .

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