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Things to consider for using thermal compound

Thermal compound is a material in low viscosity anci composed of double components with excellent fluidity and stability. This material is belong to non-poison and non-hazardous product, so applicable for shipping as normal chemical products. 

There are several things need to consider for using thermal conductive sealant:


1. Please store thermal conductive sealant under circumstance of 25 Celsius in shady, dry and ventilated air, with keeping from the direct shining of the sunlight.

2. After opening the seal, thermal compound  has six months for the quality guarantee period.

3. If there is a little crust for second use, just remove it and thermal conductive sealant can be reused under strictly sealed environment.

4. In case of special material which is difficult to bond, the surface can be covered with a thin layer of treatment agent.

5. If the temperature is over 35 degrees, it is better to apply less thermal compound for several times. The interval time should be very short.

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