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What are the specific functions of silicone adhesives?

What are the specific functions of silicone adhesives?

Silicone adhesives seemingly ordinary "appearance" but can play a common effect of bonding. Can use the object very much like a ship or car-related accessories bonding or commonly used metal, stainless steel, glass fiber bonding and so on. These are inseparable from the stability of a good silicone adhesive, showing that many objects in life need adhesive "help" in order to achieve normal use. Which can also reflect the silicone adhesive is a very powerful function, the following performance on the content together through the following article to learn more about.

First: fast bonding

Silicone adhesives are quick-drying and slow-drying, fast-drying adhesives can quickly and instantly do not need to heat or pressure, direct use on the need to bond the surface, with fast curing and bonding strength characteristics , Because the speed is very fast so when the object must be bound to the location of accurate to avoid shift or asymmetry phenomenon. After bonding the object is generally difficult to produce off the phenomenon.

Second: the accessories structural parts bonding

Can be used in buildings or vehicles and ships and aircraft used on a number of structural components, including a variety of metal and glass fiber or plastic products such as the use of accessories. Before the use of alcohol can be used to clean the surface to ensure that the material clean, so as to ensure the overall effect of a solid bond. Unique silicone adhesive can make the surface of the object after the smooth smooth sealing performance, but also in the anti-corrosion weathering performance "performance" is very advantageous.

Third: sealed plugging

Silicone adhesive agent can not only be a good adhesive function, but also effective for a variety of holes and the need to seal the site of the implementation of perfusion in the form of sizing to form a good plugging waterproof. Some parts of the use of silicone adhesive after the shape of the regular layer of glue, good elastic can also act as a gasket.

The above is the silicone adhesive with the common features introduced, of course, in real use can be used and demonstrated by the function of more than three points. In many areas of silicone adhesives are "pivotal" role has an irreplaceable function. Also in the use of attention should be in strict accordance with the use of silicone adhesive specifications and the correct method of operation to be applied, so as to make the adhesive more fully show all the powerful features.

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