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Why company choose potting compound for their LED bulb ?

The big brand LED light enterprises all request potting in their LED bulb ,why they do so ? Shenzhen Tensan is here to share with you the advantages of potting in LED bulb .

1, Potting silicone has excellent weather resistance, it can be used outdoors for a long time.

2, The potting does not corrode metals and circuit boards.

3, It has excellent high and low temperature resistance, electrical performance, insulation performance, and good flexibility.

4It is detachable, the sealed components can be taken out for repair and replacement, and then repaired with this potting glue without leaving traces

5Good fluidity, fast self-leveling, and can use automatic glue filling equipment, high efficiency of potting production.

6Good anti-poisoning performance, suitable for potting of lead production circuit boards, fluxes and rubber seals.

7Thermal potting has good thermal conductivity, low thermal resistance, and good flame retardancy.

Shenzhen Tensan is professional for LED bulb silicone potting for many year , we can offer good quality potting compound with attractive price , you can contact us for inquiry any time . For more information you can visit our web at : , 

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