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Electronic silicones

TS5501 (Components bonded and fixed silicone)


1.Soft aluminum tube 45 g / support, 200 tubes / box;

2.Soft aluminum tube 100 g / support, 100 tubes / box;

3.Hard plastic tube 300 ml / support, 24 tubes / box;

4.Hard plastic tube 2.6 l / support, 4 tubes/ box;

5.For other special packaging, please contact us.



  •   This product is a kind of one-component silicone packaged by aluminum shell, plastic pipe.It can cross-link with the moisture from the air at room temperature and vulcanize into a high-performance elastomer. It is a good adhesive and sealant for metal and non-metal materials. The silicone can be bonded with metal, glass, ceramics and many materials, and it plays a role in bonding and sealing a variety of electronic components.It is no pollution to environment around.The colloid after curing, fully play the excellent electrical properties of organic silicon material.In a wide temperature range (-60200 ℃), with anti-tensile, anti-vibration and anti-shock capacity; and has excellent weather resistance, heat resistance, cold resistance, hydrophobic.
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