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Epoxy fast adhesive resin

●High mechanical properties, strong cohesion, dense chemical structure ;

●Small shrinkage of curing volume,  small linear expansion coefficient            

●Good stability, no deterioration;

●Good process,easy to use, can be simultaneously  extrude the mix to use;

  • Tensan TS2111 epoxy adhesive


    TS2111 is a fast curing two-component epoxy adhesive, which is easy to operate, can achieve rapid curing at room temperature. It has high strength, good toughness after curing. It can well bond to metal, ceramics, glass plastic and other commonly used materials.

    2.Features and advantages

    ●High mechanical properties, strong cohesion, dense chemical structure ;

    ●Small shrinkage of curing volume,  small linear expansion coefficient            

    ●Good stability, no deterioration;

    ●Good process,easy to use, can be simultaneously  extrude the mix to use;

    ●No low molecular release

    ●Curing fast at room temperature, can improve production efficiency;

    ●Good toughness, good adhesion

    ●Non-corrosive, no damage to the substrate

    3.Typical applications

    Special used to bond LED ball-type lamp

    4.Technical Parameters

    Feature before curing:






    Colorless to pale yellow transparent viscous liquid

    Light (brown) yellow transparent viscous liquid

     solid content  %



    flash point






     Proportion 25℃g/cm3



    Ratio (weight or volume ratio)

    AB = 11

    Positioning timemin


    The physical properties and electrical insulation after curing




    Light yellow transparent material



    Thermal expansion coefficient /℃


    Glass transition temperature ℃


    HardnessShore D


    Adhesion Strength  Mpa


    Temperature resistance ℃

    - 40 100

    Dielectric constant25℃1KHz


    Volume resistance Ω-cm


    Surface resistance Ω-cm


    Dielectric loss25℃1KHz


    Dielectric strength25℃ kV/mm




    1.Operation method

    1.1 The surface of the sticky material should be no oil and water, clean and dry;

    1.2 Put static mixing pipe into the operating equipment,the front part can not be used sizing;

    Notice:A large number of mixed compounds will be exothermic!

    1.3 Evenly sizing, leveling, stacking, pressing, curing

    1.4 Mixed glue should be used within the specified time, discovering unused A, B material should be sealed in time to avoid weakening its moisture performance;

    1.5 Using in the air circulation place to avoid contact with glue

    1.6 Tools and containers should be immediately cleaned with appropriate chemical solvents;

    1.7 When using flammable / hazardous solvents, please pay attention to your safety

    2.Preventive treatment

    This material does not contain the product safety information required for safe use. Before using the product, please carefully read the "product manual", "product safety data sheet" and packaging labels on the body and health hazards information. The Material Safety Data Sheets can be obtained from the local sales representative of our company

    3.Storage and shelf life

    The shelf life is the date "date of use to" on the product label.

    This product is non-flammable and explosive dangerous goods, storage and transportation should prevent rain and exposure.In order to achieve the best results, our epoxy adhesive should be stored at less than 25 ℃. Special precautions must be taken to prevent the product from becoming damp. The container should be kept as tight as possible to reduce the space above the liquid level in the container. Containers with some products must be protected by dry air or nitrogen.And ensure that the packaging is tight, acid, alkali material can not mixed into.

    4.Packing specifications

    Static mixing tube: 50ml / syringe


    It is usually harmless for the products of our company to be used under specified safety measures, but some skin allergies may be affected. Uncured material can not be in contact with food or food utensils, even with certain FDA-compliant products. Meanwhile, measures should also be taken to prevent uncured material from contacting skin. Generally impermeable rubber or plastic gloves are necessary as well as protective glasses. At the end of each job, thoroughly clean the skin with soap and warm water to avoid the use of solvents. You can use a disposable paper towel to dry the skin, do not use a towel. The workplace should be kept well ventilated. For more information on these safety precautions, please refer to the product brochure of our company. These instructions are available upon request.

    All the advice on the products use, whether provided by us in writing, oral or from the results of our tests, is based on our current level of knowledge. In spite of these recommendations, the buyer is still responsible for satisfying the requirements of the products that make our products suitable for their intended process or purpose. We can not take responsibility, because we can not control the application and use of the product. The Buyer shall ensure that the intended use of the product does not infringe the intellectual property rights of third parties. The parameters provided by this information may vary depending on the conditions and actual items. We guarantee that our products are consistent with the samples we provide and confirmed by our customers.

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