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Thermal Potting

TS8833 (Electronic thermal silicone potting)

Packing specifications

     1.  5kg/barrel

     2.  10kg/barrel

     3.   20kg/barrel

     4.   For other packaging, please contact the sales staff

Use restrictions

This product has not been tested or shown to be suitable for medical use or pharmaceutical use.

  • Product introduction

    This product is a room temperature / heating curing additive silicone material,  consisting of two liquid components A and B. This two-component elastomeric silicone is designed for potting and protection of electronic products in harsh conditions. When the two components are mixed in a 1: 1 weight ratio or volume ratio, the mixed liquid will solidify into a flexible elastomer. This product is suitable for potting and sealing of electrical / electronic products. The duration of application and the curing time at room temperature are independent of the number of materials. There was no obvious shrinkage and temperature rise during curing. Rubber material is no toxin, no corrosion; fully cured material has UV resistance, anti-aging performance, repairability and excellent weather resistance.


    Performance features      

     Excellent weather resistance, can be used for a long time outdoor

    Do not corrode metal and circuit boards

     Excellent  temperature resistance, electrical properties, insulation properties, and flexibility

    Disassembled, sealed components can be removed for repair and replacement, and then use the potting silicone to repair without traces

    Good liquidity makes it can be fast self-leveling, and automatic irrigation equipments lead high production efficiency

    Good anti-poisoning performance, applicable for general lead circuit board, flux and rubber seal potting

    Good thermal conductivity and low thermal resistance, good flame

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