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Silicone potting

TS9933(Wall washer light two-component potting)

Package specifications

1. 5kg/barrel

2. 10kg/barrel

3. 20kg/barrel

4. For other packaging, please contact the sales staff

Use restrictions

This product has not been tested or shown to be suitable for medical use or pharmaceutical use.

  • Product introduction

    Wall washer light exclusive potting (TS9933) is a condensed silicone which can rapidly cure at room temperature. It is made of a domestic high-quality raw materials. It consists of two liquid components A and B. When the two components are thoroughly mixed at a weight ratio of 100: 10, the mixed liquid will solidify into a flexible elastomer at room temperature. The duration of application  and the curing time at room temperature are independent of the amount of material. There was no obvious shrinkage and temperature rise during curing. Rubber material no toxin, no corrosion; fully cured material has UV resistance, anti-aging performance, repairability and excellent weather resistance.


    Performance features

    ●Excellent adhesion, outdoor moisture waterproof effect is obvious

    ●Excellent weather resistance, can be used for a long time outdoor

    ●No corrosion, suitable for a variety of electronic potting      

    ●colloid flexible, have a good anti-vibration impact and deformation capacity

    Good liquidity, high potting production efficiency

    ●High insulation, potted products has high stability


    Typical use

     Mainly used for LED lighting potting

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