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color display potting

TS3355Outdoor full color display potting

  • Outdoor full color display potting is a two-component silicone sealing materialwhich can be cured at room temperature.The ethanol molecules are released during the curing process,and it does not produce corrosion to Poly-carbonate PP, ABS, PVC, copper and so on.It has a good adhesion for most of the electronic accessories (PP, PE excluded).

    1.Low viscosity, good leveling, light weight.

    2.There is no corrosion to LED product since the product belongs to the dealcoholization reaction.

    3.Excellent heat resistance, moisture resistance and cold resistance,it can extend the life of electronic accessories after applying.

    4.It is removable,the sealed components can be replaced and without leaving traces when re-irrigate and repair.

    5.This product does not need other primers,it has excellent adhesion to PC (Polycarbonate), epoxy and other materials ,the waterproof rating is up to IP65.

    6.Fully cured material has a good insulation,damp-proof,mildew proof chemical-resistance,UV resistance and aging-resistance.besides,it can fit extreme temperature that can work stable for a long time under -50-200℃.

    7.Fully in line with the  ROHS directive requirements in EU.


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