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2024 China Adhesive Industry Market Research Report

Time:2024-05-21 Views:133
Adhesive is a type of organic or inorganic, natural or synthetic substance that connects the same or two or more homogeneous or heterogeneous components together through interfacial action, and has sufficient strength after curing. Compared to traditional solid sealing gaskets, liquid gaskets formed with adhesives have the characteristics of continuous stress distribution, light weight, and good sealing performance. They can also use automation equipment to improve process efficiency and reduce total production costs.
In October 2022, the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Commerce issued the "Catalogue of Industries Encouraging Foreign Investment (2022 Edition)", which includes the production of fine chemicals: high solid content, solvent-free, water-based, electron beam curing, UV curing, reactive adhesives, and key raw materials including high-end butyl acrylate and high-end octyl acrylate, polyester polyols, and curing agents, as well as sealants, adhesive tapes, and key raw materials.
Adhesives, along with plastics, synthetic rubber, synthetic fibers, and coatings, are collectively known as the five major synthetic materials, which are important materials supporting the development of the national economy. In recent years, China‘s adhesive industry has shown a sustained, rapid, and stable development trend. From 2014 to 2022, China‘s adhesive production increased from 6.587 million tons to 11.23 million tons, and the demand increased from 6.361 million tons to 10.5576 million tons. In terms of import and export, China exported a total of 861300 tons of adhesive and imported 188900 tons in 2022.
Adhesives are a type of fine chemical products widely used in various industries, generally composed of adhesive materials (matrix resins), curing agents, toughening agents, diluents, and modifiers. They are widely used in packaging, electronic appliances, building materials, automobiles and transportation, mechanical manufacturing, new energy, medical and health, aerospace and other fields.
The research team of Huajing Industry Research Institute uses a combination of desktop research, quantitative investigation, and qualitative analysis to comprehensively and objectively analyze the overall market capacity, industrial chain, business characteristics, profitability, and business model of the adhesive industry development. Scientific research models and methods such as SCP model, SWOT, PEST, regression analysis, SPACE matrix are used to comprehensively analyze the market environment, industrial policies, competitive landscape, technological innovation, market risks, industry barriers, opportunities, and challenges of the adhesive industry. Based on the development trajectory and practical experience of the adhesive industry, carefully study and prepare the "2024-2030 China Adhesive Industry Development and Operation Status and Investment Strategy Research Report", providing important references for investment decision-making, strategic planning, and industrial research for enterprises, scientific research, investment institutions, and other units.
The Research Report on the Development and Operation Status and Investment Strategy of China‘s Adhesive Industry from 2024 to 2030 provides a specific analysis of the development environment and market operation status of the adhesive industry. It also focuses on analyzing the competitive landscape of the industry and the operating status of key enterprises. Combining the development trajectory and practical experience of the adhesive industry, professional predictions are made on the development trend of the industry in the coming years. It is an essential tool for enterprises, research institutions, investment institutions, and other units to understand the latest development trends and competitive landscape of the industry, grasp the future development direction of the industry, improve business efficiency, and make correct business decisions.
The data source of this report is mainly a combination of first-hand and second-hand materials. Our company has established a strict internal control system for data cleaning, processing, and analysis. After collecting information, analysts strictly follow the company‘s evaluation methodology and information standards, and combine their professional experience to sort and screen the obtained information. Finally, relevant industry research results are obtained through comprehensive statistics, analysis, and calculation.