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Tensan two-component adhesive solution

The application and characteristics of Tensan Potting adhesive

Time:2024-07-02 Views:8

The application and characteristics of Tensan  Potting adhesive

      Tensan Potting adhesive is mainly used for sealing micro photovoltaic inverters. Photovoltaic inverters are used to convert the direct current generated by solar panels into alternating current, providing power to the power grid or other electronic devices. Due to the high temperature and mechanical stress generated by the inverter during operation, it is necessary to use low stress Potting adhesive to fix and protect internal components to ensure the normal operation and long-term stability of the inverter.

       Tensan potting adhesive is a low stress two-component potting thermal conductive gel, which can effectively improve the moisture-proof, insulation and vibration resistance of components and printed circuit boards; Its high and low temperature resistance, stress release, material strength, and flame retardant properties ensure the long-term reliability of the components. Mainly used for overall sealing of micro photovoltaic inverters, providing overall heat dissipation and protection functions for PCBA, and circuit boards can be exempted from three protections.