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Single component silicone adhesive

Time:2024-05-29 Views:162

         Organic silicon adhesive, also known as RTV adhesive, has properties such as thermal conductivity, adhesion, and sealing after curing. According to the different types of released substances during solidification, they can be divided into dealcohol type, oxime type, deacidification type, etc. Depending on the viscosity, they can also be divided into flowing type, semi flowing type, and thixotropic non flowing type.

Usage of single component silicone adhesive:

1. Preparation before use: Clean the surface of the adhesive or coated material as needed, such as rust, oil, dirt, and release agents that affect the bonding effect;
2. Single component silicone adhesive: Generally packaged by tube, suitable packaging specifications can be purchased according to needs or the size of the dispensing machine.

Application method of single component silicone adhesive:

1. Apply in a linear or point pattern on the surface that is bonded or needs to be coated. When the area is large, use a comb shaped spatula or other tools to spread it thinly,
2. For applications that require double-sided bonding, immediately bond both sides together after application. After bonding both sides together as needed, use fasteners such as tape to secure them,
3. After bonding the two sides together, if there is any overflow, please immediately wipe it clean with a cloth, etc., and use a solvent that will not corrode the dirty parts for the final cleaning treatment,
4. For the application of thin layer coating, it should be cured at room temperature after coating, and the length of curing time depends on the temperature, humidity, and coating thickness of the environment.