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Electronic sealing silicone

Time:2024-06-07 Views:104

Electronic sealing silicone

     Sealant for sealing and protecting electrical modules
     Electronic sealing silicone is a low viscosity, two-component, condensed organic silicone sealant that can quickly and deeply cure at room temperature. It can be applied to the surfaces of materials such as PC (Poly carbon), PP, ABS, PVC, and metal materials, with excellent adhesive properties. Fully comply with the requirements of the EU ROHS Directive.

Typical use

General electrical module sealing protection
Outdoor LED display screen encapsulation protection
Insulation, waterproofing, and fixation of electronic accessories
Decoupling of components in printed circuit board plugins to avoid resonance phenomena.

Process used

1.Before mixing, first mix component A thoroughly to ensure that the settling filler is well mixed, and component B is well shaken.
2.When mixing, the weight ratio of component A to component B should be followed at 10:1.
3. The sealant can be defoamed as needed during use. Mix the mixture of A and B evenly and place it in a vacuum container. After defoaming at 0.08MPa for 3 minutes, it can be poured and used.
4. Electronic sealing silicone is a room temperature cured product, which is poured and placed at room temperature for curing. After basic curing, it enters the next process, and complete curing takes 24 hours. Environmental temperature and humidity have a significant impact on curing.
Sealing silicone, also known as two-component organic silicon additive thermal conductive sealing adhesive, belongs to silicone products. Synthetic rubber mixed with two seasonings


1.It has flame retardancy and is rated UL94-HB.
2.Low viscosity, fluidity, and easy self foaming properties make it possible to pour complex electronic components into fine areas.
3. Components with detachable sealing can be removed for repair and replacement, and then repaired with this sealing adhesive without leaving any traces.
4. The adhesive material can be stored for a long time after being mixed at room temperature, but it can quickly solidify under heating conditions, which is beneficial for the use of automatic production lines.
5.No shrinkage during curing, with better waterproof, moisture-proof and anti-aging performance.
The characteristics of sealing adhesive are not only that, but its inherent silicone properties can also be used in production and daily life. Such as its good acid and alkali resistance, atmospheric aging resistance, insulation, pressure resistance, moisture-proof and shockproof properties, etc