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How to choose LED lighting seal glue

Time:2024-07-01 Views:6

How to choose LED lighting seal glue


     LED lights have many kinds, such as cup lights, underwater lights, lawn lamps, street lamps, patch lights, etc., and adhesive seal adhesive there are many, it is easy to make people choose, first look at the epoxy resin And the difference between organic silica gel:



2. Pressure tolerance

3. Temperature conditions


     Epoxy resin potting temperature is far from organic silicone is good, but the price occupies a great advantage, compared to organic silicone will be much cheaper, organic silica gel because the glue is soft after curing, so the compression capacity will be good Many, and epoxy resin seal is very good, the product within the zero device has a very good protective effect, but this depends on the product to achieve what the purpose is, after these points, you can temporarily have a choice LED lamps Seal glue points.

Again on the market Epoxy resin is divided into epoxy potting and epoxy resin sealant, what is the difference?


1. Packing

2. Price

3. The area of glue

4. ratio

     Sealants are generally sizing products on the use of plastic is relatively large, the temperature will be better, the price is more affordable, and sealant is a good product confidentiality, unless the product to completely knocked, or how did not Method of anatomical it, packaging potting is a two-component package, the need to proportion ratio, mixing, sizing process to take some time, sealant is a single package, in the products to be sealed directly on the sizing that can.

 Organic silicone is also divided into potting and sealant, like epoxy resin packaging, the price of plastic area with the ratio are similar, the only difference is that his refractive index is very different! Glue used in the LED light on the light effect must be very good friends, not because of the color of the glue, and the impact of the light emitted by the light, low refractive index of the glue its temperature performance and reliability is better, so the refraction of the glue The choice of the rate must be careful, according to this to choose the required glue, the requirements of the brightness is better to choose a high refractive index potting, requiring reliable and stable low-refractive index of the sealant, if the heat is good with high Refractive index.

Finally recommended several high-performance glue: TS5501, Ts6601.

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