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Exhibition information

Int‘l Light Convergence EXPO 2024

Time:2024-06-19 Views:119

The 22nd Int‘I LED & OLED EXPO 

SHENZHEN TENSAN CO.,LTD, a company focusing on the development and production of adhesives, recently announced that it will participate in the upcoming lighting show in Korea. This news undoubtedly brings new expectations to professionals and enthusiasts in the lighting industry.

The significance of the exhibition

The Korea Lighting Show is one of the most influential lighting industry events in Asia, attracting lighting product manufacturers, designers, engineers and professionals from related industries from all over the world every year. TENSAN‘s participation in this exhibition not only showcases its latest research and development results in the field of adhesives, but also provides a platform for it to further expand its international market.

TENSAN‘s highlight products

At this exhibition, TENSAN will focus on displaying its adhesive products designed specifically for the lighting industry. These products not only have excellent bonding properties, but also take into account the use requirements of lighting equipment in different environments, such as high temperature resistance, aging resistance, and UV resistance. TENSAN will also display its environmentally friendly adhesives, which meet the current market demand for green and environmentally friendly products.

Technical exchanges and cooperation opportunities

During the exhibition, TENSAN will not only display products, but also conduct in-depth technical exchanges with lighting industry experts from all over the world. Through these exchanges, TENSAN hopes to better understand market demand and provide cooperation opportunities for other companies in the industry. TENSAN will also hold a series of seminars to share its latest research results and technological advances in the field of adhesives.

Looking to the future

By participating in the Korea Lighting Exhibition, TENSAN will not only be able to demonstrate its technical strength, but also further expand its influence in the global lighting industry. With the continuous development of the global lighting market, TENSAN is expected to find more business cooperation opportunities through this exhibition and promote the company‘s continued development.

TENSAN‘s participation in the exhibition not only brings new technical solutions to the lighting industry, but also injects new vitality into the innovative development of the industry. We look forward to seeing more surprises from TENSAN at the upcoming Korea Lighting Exhibition

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