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Exhibition information

TENSAN to attend Korea Int‘l Light Convergence EXPO 2024

Time:2024-06-28 Views:17

      The 2024 Korea International Spotlight Expo opened grandly in South Korea recently, attracting the attention of the global lighting industry. As a leading adhesive solution provider in the industry, Shenzhen Tensan Limited Company was also invited to participate in the exhibition, showcasing its professional technology & innovative products in the field of lamp adhesive to global customers.

      As an important event in the global lighting industry, the Korea International Spotlight Expo brings together numerous internationally renowned enterprises & professionals to discuss the development trends & market prospects of lighting technology. In this context, the exhibition of Shenzhen Tensan Limited Company is undoubtedly of great significance. It not only showcases the company‘s technical strength, but also provides valuable opportunities for the company to explore international markets.

      Since its establishment, Shenzhen Tensan Limited Company has been focusing on the research & development, production, & sales of adhesives, especially in the field of lamp adhesive. The company has rich experience & profound technical accumulation. At this exhibition, Tensan Industry brought its latest developed series of products, including thermal conductive silicone grease, thermal conductive gaskets, & lamp specific adhesives. These products have excellent thermal conductivity, stable adhesive strength, & good weather resistance, which can effectively improve the service life & performance stability of lamps.

      At the expo, the booth of Shenzhen Tensan Limited Company attracted the attention of many visitors. The company staff warmly introduced the features & application cases of the product to the guests, & demonstrated the effectiveness of the product on site. Many professional audiences have shown strong interest in the product & have stopped to inquire & request product information.